It all began in 1966 when Jean Desjoyaux built his first swimming pool with his very own hands to give his family a holiday environment at home.
He was keen to share happiness and relaxing moments with his children, friends and relatives. He dreamed of turning each weekend and gatherings into a moment of pure pleasure and hoped to one day see every backyard splashed with blue and echoing with laughter.
It was on the basis of these values that the Desjoyaux company was founded.
The secret of this success has been the innovation that combines two distinct and exclusive concepts:
1. In 1978, the first major innovation was invented and the first patent was registered for the 'active permanent casing', which is the structure of the pool.
2. In 1983, a pipeless filtration system was created which was a unique and revolutionary invention at the time. The second patent was then registered
Desjoyaux's innovation is based on a global concern in energy saving and reducing the pollution of the world . For more than 50 years we have produced more than 250,000 swimming pools with over 500 branches worldwide.
Desjoyaux, a trusted brand worldwide, is ready to give you the best experience in our world class standard swimming pool.
Go ahead, dive in!

Luxurious with Desjoyaux, a world-class swimming pool from France.
With more than 50 years of innovation in the industry, and the most beautiful design that fits all lifestyles.
Let us be a part of your lifetime luxury lifestyle!

Desjoyaux (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is the one and only licensed distributor in Thailand nominated by Piscines Desjoyaux SA. FRANCE.

Mr. Krairurg Kocha, managing director of Desjoyaux (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and business director of Desjoyaux Asia said: "Desjoyaux has gown up by the standard of quality in product and service.

It's been over 50 years since Desjoyaux was first founded and till date, each and every day, our research and development department continue to innovate and design new equipement with world class standards in order to fulfill your needs and desires that will bring new pleasures to you and your family.

Desjoyaux Thailand, the professional in swimming pool construction and installation, has imported the the simple yet reliable technology from France providing quality, service and product with the same world class standard.

We are ready to serve you in every step of your imagination, from designing to building the best pool that meets your desire with a 10 years guarantee to go beyond satisfaction.