Super safe & Advanced Technology

There is nothing better than Desjoyaux when it comes to the safety of your children. We are highly impressed with the simplicity of the system and very glad we chose Desjoyaux.


International standard!

Our Hotel gives service to guests from all around the world. We needed to ensure that our pool was the best and had the highest standards. We trusted Desjoyaux as they have the best quality, excellent construction; they are the best in the industry. Renowned worldwide! Thanks Desjoyaux for taking our hotel to the highest level.


Excellent & Quick Servive

I was glad I had opportunity to experience a time with Desjoyaux I chose Desjoyaux because I wanted to have the quality and technology from overseas. Since I have built the pool I have never been worried about any problems. Desjoyaux made my life easier, easy to keep it clean and maintain.
Service was satisfactory the worry-free pleasure of owning a Desjoyaux pool!

Ms.Phakkhanat Thanasawatporn